Today is the information age, and collecting and analyzing power plant information and taking operation and maintenance actions as a result of these analyzes has become an important process, especially for energy companies. In this way, productivity increase, availability and economic gains for companies increase. Thanks to the recent speed of digitalization, data collection, analysis, IoT systems, big data analysis, predictive maintenance, otimization, equipment and life cycle management of systems have become more important, and one of the most important of these methods is remote monitoring and analysis. With the BYS Software Project, which continued between 2008 and 2012, the first steps were taken in our institution in this direction, and the studies within the institution gained great momentum after 2019. In order to determine the direction, goals and strategy in EÜAŞ's digital transformation process, the EÜAŞ Digital Transformation Strategy Document was prepared in 2020 and entered into force by the decision of the Board of Directors dated June 2022. The OMİS project gained momentum with the establishment of the Maintenance Management Department in 2017 and the adoption of the Strategy Document, and turned into a concrete project with the signatures signed at the end of 2021.

Project details are as follows: Within the scope of the benchmark studies carried out at EDF Company in France in 2018 and 2019, systems where EDF Hydro Engineering center, 1800 MW pumped storage Grand Maison hydroelectric power plant, a natural gas combined cycle power plant, hydraulic training center and 1200 units are remotely online monitored and analyzed were examined on site.

Also within the scope of this visit, maintenance management strategy, human resources practices for maintenance, training, workflows and online monitoring and analysis capabilities were also analyzed. As a result of mutually developing positive relations, technical cooperation negotiations started between EDF and EÜAŞ in March 2021. As a result of the negotiations, 715,000 € grant support from AFD, the French Development Agency, 250,000 € in-kind support from EDF, Europe's largest electricity producer, and with the in-kind contribution of EÜAŞ up to 10% of the project cost a tripartite cooperation agreement was made between the 3 institutions in December 2021 to carry out pilot Online Power Plant Monitoring and Analysis System Installation work. Agreement was signed at our General Directorate by the former EÜAŞ General Manager Dr. İzzet ALAGÖZ on behalf of our Organization, Mehmet Akın ÖZKAN on behalf of EDF and Türkiye Director Tanguy DENIEUL on behalf of AFD.

With this project, which is thought to make a significant contribution to the development of EÜAŞ's engineering capabilities and to mediate the transfer of know how, the data that are vital for the power plant such as pressure, temperature, vibration and oscillation will be taken instantly from our power plants and collected in our Online Central Monitoring Center and effective analyzes can also be made through Big Data Analysis.

Within the scope of the project, it is planned to instantly transfer 300-400 standard data to the center. Thanks to this information obtained from the analysis it is aimed to minimize maintenance, material and labor costs by identifying possible malfunctions in equipment in advance, performing the necessary maintenance and repairs, and preventing unplanned downtime before malfunctions occur. In this way, our power plants will be able to continue uninterrupted electricity production with maximum availability and best quality. A significant contribution will be made to the operating processes of the power plants. With the online central monitoring system, it is also planned to develop big data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications by using large-scale relational data in different formations that will be produced as a result of the EOS (EÜAŞ Automation Systems) project and the Maintenance Management System (BMS) software projects carried out with internal resources. It is aimed to achieve some important targets regarding the strategies determined within the scope of EÜAŞ Digital Transformation Strategy Document with this project.

In the project, which also included some mutual technical visits, the EDF team organized a technical visit to our Deriner Hydroelectric Power Plant (670 MW, 4 units) on 4-7 July 2022 and examined the SCADA and sensor systems of the power plant on site.

On 30 August - 02 September 2022, a Benchmark visit to EDF's Alpine Region in Grenoble was organized with the participation of 9 personnel from EÜAŞ, EDF Hydro Enigineering, La Coche Hydroelectric Power Plant (240 MW + 320 MW), E-Monitoring Center and EDF Hydro Training Center were visited and on-site information was obtained.

Within the scope of the project, studies such as conceptual design for the establishment of the online data monitoring system at EÜAŞ, determination of the data set, IT installation, personnel training, technical visits, 2-3 expert personnel staying in Turkey for certain periods, remote expert support, online data monitoring center benchmark study in France, on-the-job trainings and pilot installation at Deriner Hydroelectric Power Plant will be carried out.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the project, our former General Manager Dr. İzzet ALAGÖZ stated that within the scope of the project, EÜAŞ has a lot to learn from EDF, and EDF has a lot to learn from EÜAŞ. Additionally, he stated that while EDF has more than 10 years of experience in data collection and analysis, EÜAŞ also has valuable knowledge and experience in this field with its much larger hydroelectric power plant power.

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