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How can I become a civil servant at EÜAŞ?

The Electricity Generation Corporation (EÜAŞ) is the largest public company and produces electricity. Since EÜAŞ is a Public Economic Enterprise, it employs contracted personnel in accordance with the provisions of the Decree Law No. 399. If you want to become a contracted personnel in our institution, you must first take the Public Personnel Selection Examination -KPSS- hold by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center-ÖSYM-. As Electricity Generation Corp. we notify ÖSYM about our contracted personnel needs, and ÖSYM makes placements among those who prefer EÜAŞ, up to the announced number of personnel according to the score ranking. In short, you must first take the KPSS, then you must choose EÜAŞ in the preference form of ÖSYM and ÖSYM places you according to your score.

You will not make any application to our institution. You will apply to the KPSS exam opened by ÖSYM, and then you will make your choice. If ÖSYM places you at EÜAŞ, we will employ you without any other exams or interviews.

How can I become a worker at EÜAŞ?

To become a worker, you must be registered with the Turkish Employment Agency - İŞKUR. EÜAŞ notifies İŞKUR about its worker needs. İŞKUR sends all applications meeting the required conditions to our Institution. EÜAŞ determines 4 times as many bidders as the number of workers to be recruited by a notary lottery. For example, if 10 workers are to be employed, 40 people are selected by notary lottery. Then these 40 people are called for an interview exam. In the interview exam, questions are asked only based on your profession. Among 40 people, 10 people are determined as principal and 10 people as substitutes. Starting from the nobles they are called in order and employed.

You do not need to make an application to EÜAŞ. You need to apply to the Turkish Employment Agency.

Internship Recruiment

How can I do internship at EÜAŞ?

The Electricity Generation Corporation (EÜAŞ) is the largest public company in our company. Our human resources, which we have trained to employ within our own organization for a long time, are the most sought-after personnel in the entire electricity and energy sector, find jobs and lead the sector. EÜAŞ so far has functioned as a school that trains human resources for the electricity sector so far. We are proud of this and we undertake training human resources as a duty to ourselves.

High School Students

If you are a student at one of the Vocational and Technical Anatolian High Schools, you can do both your skill training internship and your compulsory summer internship at our institution. You must come to our General Directorate or Operation Directorates and apply in person. Applications by e-mail or any other form are not accepted. When you arrive, we fill out your application form together and start your internship process. Skills training is provided 3 days a week throughout the year. Compulsory summer internship is done 5 days a week, after schools close, in months June-July-August, and lasts at least 40 working days.

The documents we require from high school students who want to do an internship are as follows.

• Insured Employment Declaration

• Contract you will receive from your school

• Photocopy of Identity Card

• 1 Photo

• Account/IBAN Number opened in your name

We ask for your IBAN number because all our students doing internship are paid 30 percent of the minimum wage. Your school provides your insurance. All you need to do is bring us your insured employment certificate from your school.

All students who do internship at our institution benefit from shuttle and food services FREE of charge.

University Students

If you are a university student and want to do a compulsory summer internship in our Institution, you must apply by choosing the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources through the Presidency career portal. You do not need to come to our institution. Students who apply for internship through the career portal are also sent offers through the same portal. When you accept our offer, your internship process starts. Compulsory summer internship is completed in 40 working days. You are paid 30 percent of the minimum wage, depending on the number of working days you work.

Like our high school students, our university students who do internships at our institution can benefit from our shuttle and food services free of charge.

Our Institution has signed protocols with the Technology Faculties and Engineering Faculties of many universities for Workplace Training Internship. If you are a student at one of the universities with which the protocol has been signed, you can do your Workplace Training internship at EÜAŞ. You can fill out the application form by coming to our General Directorate or Operation Directorates in person. Workplace training is provided in 2 semesters, Fall and Spring, and lasts 12 to 14 weeks.

The list of universities with which the protocol has been signed is below.

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