Breaker Control Relay Adaptation Project

Breaker Control Relay Adaptation

The aim of the project called Breaker Control Relay Adaptation, which was applied for by Fatih DEMİR, an employee of Afşin Elbistan B Thermal Power Plant, through ARGESİS in 2020, was to create an alternative product by using EOS cards for the breaker control relays of foreign origin, which are used in the transformer and motor output cells in the power plant but are no longer in production. Since the spare stock for this relay, which is used in a total of 400 locations in the Afşin Elbistan B Thermal Power Plant, has decreased so much, the emergence of a situation that would affect the power plant production was prevented by this alternative prototype product design.

In the first phase of the project, which started on January 15, 2021, all electrical projects, logics and input-output lists of the breaker control relays currently used were prepared and the necessary preliminary preparations were completed and a situation analysis was carried out. Then, prototype model work, including hardware and software subheadings, was started. In the hardware part, the necessary case design and EOS cards and HMI placement were made. In the software section, the necessary logic has been designed and the installation has been completed. In the test studies, which were the last phase of the project, all comparisons were completed by simultaneously testing the currently used relay and the designed relay. The test studies were completed without any problems and the project, which provided 6 times cost savings to our Company with current exchange rates, was successfully completed on June 30, 2021.

In the next phase of the project, the prototype of which has been successfully completed, following the production of EOS cards in small sizes, a new model will be made separately for 13 different relay types in the power plant, and a new product design of smaller size is being considered to be used as a spare.

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