Domestic Manufacturing of Imported Rubber Products Project


Fatih ALBAYRAK, Manager of Tekirdağ Natural Gas Power Plants Operations, stated in his application via ARGESİS in 2020 that it was possible to produce the material used as gaskets in heat exchangers in natural gas power plants with our own resources by reverse engineering method. The project application was accepted by the Academic and R&D Project Evaluation Board and the studies started in 2021. In the project team, Fatih ALBAYRAK served as the project manager, Ömer BAYRAM and Ahmet ERİKÇİ, personnel of Istanbul Natural Gas Combined Cycle B Power Plant served in the project team and Ömer Can AYDIN, personnel of Energy Efficiency Department served as the project coordinator. To contribute to the vision and mission of the technical personnel and our institution and to shed light on the development of these and similar strategic new products that will provide added value to our country, to reduce foreign dependency, to improve the technical infrastructure, to popularize the production-oriented thinking policy, to reduce time loss and indirectly contribute to the workforce is aimed in the project.

The scope of the project included gaskets imported and used in heat exchangers in Ambarlı Natural Gas Power Plants to be produced with reverse engineering through our own means and, if deemed appropriate, to be produced for other natural gas and thermal power plants, too by purchasing a hydraulic press. In the project, physical and chemical analysis of the imported heat exchanger was carried out and accordingly, the production recipe for the mold and dough required for production was created. Hardness, density, breaking strength, elongation, permanent deformation, accelerated aging (hardness change, breaking strength, elongation change) tests of the produced gaskets were carried out in an independent laboratory and their suitability was approved. Necessary measurements were made on the produced mold and it was found to be suitable for production.

Heat exchanger gaskets are used in 11 different regions in İstanbul Natural Gas Combined Cycle B Power Plant. The cost of the gaskets used in different equipment of Ambarlı Natural Gas Power Plants B Plant is 1.289.661₺ with current exchange rates. Within the scope of the project, one mold and 725 gaskets were produced. The produced gaskets are connected to the heat exchanger and are still operational. 96,475 ₺ was spent on the project.

With this project, domestic capital remained in our country and production was achieved at approximately one-thirteenth the cost. At this point, Ambarlı Natural Gas Power Plants are still operational. With this production, a product that was supplied from abroad was produced with our own resources at approximately one-thirteenth of the cost.

In the project, which has entered the dissemination phase, the needs of the power plants are determined and the studies to procure the necessary equipment for production are ongoing.

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