The total lignite resource of EÜAŞ in the Afşin-Elbistan Lignite Basin, which has approximately 24% of Turkey's finalized lignite reserves, is 4.7 billion tons. The surface area of the coal field with operation license numbered IR:2595 is 29,672.71 hectares, the surface area of Afşin-Elbistan Coal Basin is 34,282.86 hectares together with the fields with exploration license numbered 201100032, 201100033 and 201100040.

Afşin-Elbistan Sector A (Kışlaköy)

Kışlaköy Lignite Field has been put into operation to meet the coal needs of Afşin Elbistan A Thermal Power Plant with an installed power of 1,355 MW. Mining activities started in the Kışlaköy Lignite Field in 1979, and coal supply to the power plant was started in 1984. Mining activities in the Kışlaköy Lignite Field, one of the largest open pit lignite fields in our country, are carried out with the Continuous Mining System consisting of a rotary bucket excavator + belt conveyor + pourer system and has a coal production capacity of 20 million tons / year.

The operating right of the Kışlaköy Lignite Field was transferred to the Company in charge for 20 years on 01.12.2018 within the scope of the Concession Agreement.

From Kışlaköy Lignite Field until the transfer date 415.914.332 tons of lignite production (Thermal Power Plant + Sales to the Market), 1.078.421.533 m³ pickling and 1.482.110.931 m³ groundwater drainage was carried out. Within the scope of the rehabilitation works carried out in the areas where mining activities were completed, 748,285 trees were planted on an area of ​​907.6 hectares.

Kışlaköy Sector has 617 million tons of reserves and its average coal calorie is 1.031 Kcal/kg.


Afşin-Elbistan Sector B (Çöllolar)

The Çöllolar Lignite Field has been put into operation to meet the coal needs of the Afşin Elbistan B Thermal Power Plant with an installed power of 1,440 MW. Its management belongs to the private sector. Mining activities at the site started in 2008 and the first coal delivery to the power plant was made in August 2009, and coal production continued until February 2011. In this process, 26 million tons of lignite was produced. 144 million m³ pickling for this production has been done. The Çöllolar Lignite Field has 544 million tons of reserves and its average coal calorie is 1,156 Kcal/kg.

Afşin-Elbistan Sector C

Regarding the C Lignite Field, which is planned to be opened for investment in the coming years, Resource Report and Pre-Feasibility (Reserve) Reports were prepared by our Organization in 2019 at international (JORC) standards. According to these reports 949 million tons of reserves have been determined, and the average coal calorie is 1.145 Kcal/kg. The planned Thermal Power Plant power is 1,500-2,000 MW.



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