Oturum Aç


EÜAŞ is a a state owned company which is founded to generate electricity in compliance with the energy and economic policies of the state and in accordance with the principles of efficiency and profitability.
Within the framework of the authority ensured legally, our mission is to generate reliable, economical, quality, environmentally friendly energy by using the resources in our country efficiently so as to increase the public welfare.  
As a pioneering company in energy generation sector, main purpose of our company is to increase generation performance continiously by using modern and clean energy technologies.
- Sustainability
- Effiency
- Environmental Friendship
- Reliability
- Availability in Generation
- Openness to Cooperation
- Openness to Innovational and Constant Development
- Transparency
- Participation
- Accountability
- Effectiveness
Energy demand of countries takes shape depending on many socio-economic factors like their population, social and economic development, industrialization, urbanization and technological progress. Electricity is one of the most important inputs of socio- economic developments. Therefore providing a reliable, sufficient, good quality and environmentally responsible supply of electricity is essential.
The conventional resources used for electricity generation are not inexhaustible. The utilization of these resources will not only determine the lifestyle of next generations, but also it is unassailable that the inordinate and feckless usage of them will vitiate this future. Hence we are obliged to constitute a policy, considering the needs of both today and future, relying on domestic resources and make our choices accordingly. Our Company, EÜAŞ which is responsible for the electricity generation at the public plants, works under this sense of duty and endeavours to utilize the domestic resources.
In 2012, EÜAŞ manages 43,4% (24.774,8 MW) of the installed capacity of Turkey. 49,3% of this capacity is hydraulic, 16,63% is natural gas, 31,33% is lignite and hard coal, 2,75% is liquid fuels. Using this capacity, EÜAŞ has realised a total of 90.823 GWh electricity generation of which 38.311 GWh is of hydraulic and 52.512 GWh is of thermal. This corresponds to 38% of Turkey electricity generation.
In our country, like the other developed countries, the transition to the free market and the competitive environment in the energy sector has been foreseen and the restructuring process has been initiated by the legislation enacted in this context.
With the liberalization, it is aimed to create a competitive electricity market that will enable the generation of more sufficient, reliable and good quality electricity to all consumers at low cost and environmentally-friendly manner.
We endeavour to provide sufficient and good quality electricity at low cost for all consumers to increase social welfare of our country.